Sunday, October 28, 2012

U&H (About Us)

About us:
Who is Until and Harmony?
Basically we are something of the Laverne and Shirley, Lucy and Ethel of today (kind of) with a twist. We are two businesswomen who share the same thoughts and views about sharing diamonds in the rough, important information that’s needed, a sphere of contacts (that is continuously growing) to provide a “Go To” list for our listeners; and we believe in having a positive, great energy all while having fun doing it: Laughing, joking, dancing and more.

Where we’ve been?
For those of you that don’t know: before there was the new show called “Until & Harmony Live”. There was a radio show called “The Sunset and Gumbo Show” with the infamous Devonte Styles hosted on Urban Soul Radio in which Ms. Harmony was one of the co-hosts for three (3) years. In the year of 2010 Until joined “The Sunset and Gumbo Team” after being a guest, with a segment called “Until’s Book of the Week.” Then later “Until and Harmony branched out under “The Sunset and Gumbo” umbrella with their own show called “Ladies Night Take Over” in December of 2010 on Urban Soul Radio. However, the sad day came where “The Sunset and Gumbo Show” retired and “Ladies Night Take Over” had to move on and it was then they realized they very much needed a change. So, now, we’re here and anew!

Where we want to go?
We would like to travel this journey wherever our yellow brick road leads us that has to do with greatness. Meanwhile we want to expose you to all of the wonderful entrepreneurs, independent artists and authors (as many as we know) while, hopefully gain your respect, love and your ears in great population.
Smile J
What our show is about?
Our show is about catching you up on the latest news, sharing pertinent information, products, entrepreneurs, independent artists and authors and anything else we find inspiring, uplifting, encouraging, informative, fun and classily audacious; all while bringing a positive energy with the added bonus of being females. Whatever that means? LOL J

What is our goal?
To inspire, encourage and just be contagious in everyway positive.

What are the elements of our show?
Without giving too much away… we’ll just say literacy, reality, passion and joyful surprises. J

To find out more about “Until & Harmony Live” please visit our website at
To contact us please call (818) 473 -5624

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