Sunday, October 28, 2012

Questions of the Day

Until & Harmony's Live Radio Show Re-Launch

October 17th of 2012

Question of the day: How do you know your mate is cheating on you and don't want to be with you any more?

Answer: You know by the change in the following: Attitude, routine and blatant disrespect and more.

Conclusion: Until and Harmony says, communication is the key, being honest with yourselves to realize you don't want to be together anymore. Take a break, go to counseling. If you think you have something worth preserving then try and work hard at keeping it. However be adult enough to know when to walk away instead of creating a potentially chaotic environment where everyone gets hurt.


Until & Harmony Live Radio 2nd Show

October 24th of 2012

Question of the day: Is there an age limit to chasing your dreams? Should there be?

Answer: Most of the people said no.

Conclusion: Until & Harmony says, they don't believe that there should be an age limit to chase your dreams. We believe you're never too old to accomplish your goals, bring fruition your dreams and/or more. Just look at all the people currently over sixty or seventy still achieving their dreams. :)


Until & Harmony Live Radio Show (3)

November 7th of 2012

Question of the day: Do you think Michelle Obama should run for President after Barack Obama's term is up?

Answer: Some say yes and some said no not really expounding on anything.

Our Conclusion: Yes she should. First it would be more history being made --The first African American Female President. Second they get to keep in the family and basically have  third term to complete the job fully of all nooks and cranny's the president would like to touch but can't because the big stuff require so much attention.

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