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U&H (About Us)

About us:
Who is Until and Harmony?
Basically we are something of the Laverne and Shirley, Lucy and Ethel of today (kind of) with a twist. We are two businesswomen who share the same thoughts and views about sharing diamonds in the rough, important information that’s needed, a sphere of contacts (that is continuously growing) to provide a “Go To” list for our listeners; and we believe in having a positive, great energy all while having fun doing it: Laughing, joking, dancing and more.

Where we’ve been?
For those of you that don’t know: before there was the new show called “Until & Harmony Live”. There was a radio show called “The Sunset and Gumbo Show” with the infamous Devonte Styles hosted on Urban Soul Radio in which Ms. Harmony was one of the co-hosts for three (3) years. In the year of 2010 Until joined “The Sunset and Gumbo Team” after being a guest, with a segment called “Until’s Book of the Week.” Then later “Until and Harmony branched out under “The Sunset and Gumbo” umbrella with their own show called “Ladies Night Take Over” in December of 2010 on Urban Soul Radio. However, the sad day came where “The Sunset and Gumbo Show” retired and “Ladies Night Take Over” had to move on and it was then they realized they very much needed a change. So, now, we’re here and anew!

Where we want to go?
We would like to travel this journey wherever our yellow brick road leads us that has to do with greatness. Meanwhile we want to expose you to all of the wonderful entrepreneurs, independent artists and authors (as many as we know) while, hopefully gain your respect, love and your ears in great population.
Smile J
What our show is about?
Our show is about catching you up on the latest news, sharing pertinent information, products, entrepreneurs, independent artists and authors and anything else we find inspiring, uplifting, encouraging, informative, fun and classily audacious; all while bringing a positive energy with the added bonus of being females. Whatever that means? LOL J

What is our goal?
To inspire, encourage and just be contagious in everyway positive.

What are the elements of our show?
Without giving too much away… we’ll just say literacy, reality, passion and joyful surprises. J

To find out more about “Until & Harmony Live” please visit our website at
To contact us please call (818) 473 -5624

Out with Old and In with the New... Goodie Jar!

*Sniffle, Sniffle, Tear, Tear*

This is the old "Goodie Jar" that we are putting to rest. Bye Bye. :-(

Girl's just want to have fun!

This is the New "Goodie Jar" taking it to a whole other level. :-)
New Level "Outta of this World"

Questions of the Day

Until & Harmony's Live Radio Show Re-Launch

October 17th of 2012

Question of the day: How do you know your mate is cheating on you and don't want to be with you any more?

Answer: You know by the change in the following: Attitude, routine and blatant disrespect and more.

Conclusion: Until and Harmony says, communication is the key, being honest with yourselves to realize you don't want to be together anymore. Take a break, go to counseling. If you think you have something worth preserving then try and work hard at keeping it. However be adult enough to know when to walk away instead of creating a potentially chaotic environment where everyone gets hurt.


Until & Harmony Live Radio 2nd Show

October 24th of 2012

Question of the day: Is there an age limit to chasing your dreams? Should there be?

Answer: Most of the people said no.

Conclusion: Until & Harmony says, they don't believe that there should be an age limit to chase your dreams. We believe you're never too old to accomplish your goals, bring fruition your dreams and/or more. Just look at all the people currently over sixty or seventy still achieving their dreams. :)


Until & Harmony Live Radio Show (3)

November 7th of 2012

Question of the day: Do you think Michelle Obama should run for President after Barack Obama's term is up?

Answer: Some say yes and some said no not really expounding on anything.

Our Conclusion: Yes she should. First it would be more history being made --The first African American Female President. Second they get to keep in the family and basically have  third term to complete the job fully of all nooks and cranny's the president would like to touch but can't because the big stuff require so much attention.

Hi-Lited Events - Free!

For those of you that missed the show that happened on October 24th you might have missed what we call "Hi-Lited Events"segment where we tell you just what's going on in the community or just the happening things we know about and we think you might be interested in.

Below are the following events:

1. First up was the "The Los Angeles Ultimate Women's Expo" and you can see the flyer below:
The Los Angeles Ultimate Women's Expo

2. Second was the "Philthy Ragz" Fashion Presentation and you can see the flyer below:
Philthy Ragz-Fashion Presentation

Cherie Johnson

We want to thank our special call in guest, last week, Cherie Johnson for sharing with us about her latest book "Peaches and Cream" and her latest projects. Thank you Cherie for just calling in, having fun and really being open to just converse with us.

For those of you that missed the show and would like to hear it, please visit our new radio home "Exclusive Information Network" website at Enjoy!
Peaches & Cream
by Cherie Johnson

Until's Fav's

Favorite Pass Time: Some where writing poetry and listening to the rain or sitting at the park on early mornings swinging while eating a peach listening to nature.

Favorite Dessert: Chocolate Covered Strawberries (all kinds).

Favorite Quotes: Though there are many one of my favorite quotes right now that pertains to my life at this moment. "It is better to write for self and have no public than to write for public and have no self."

Favorite Book of all Time: "Round the Corner" by The Bank Street Reader Group

Favorite Songs (right now): You Bring out the Best in Me by Tyrese, Let me Love You by Ne-Yo and Freedom by Brandy

Who would like to meet? There are many I would love to meet. However, right now I would really like to meet Amel Larrieux  and Brandy because their music embodies and reflects what I pour into my life and poetry; rareness, beauty, inside and out.

Ms. Harmony Fav's

Favorite Pass Time: Sitting in a quiet place to reflect on my life.

Favorite Dessert: None

Favorite Song Right Now: Think Like a Man by Jennifer Hudson

Favorite Quote: The Serenity Prayer as well as this one "And last shall be first and first shall be last."

Who I would love to meet? I would love to meet Oprah because she is a powerful business woman and I love to surround myself with these types of women.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Until & Harmony (Intro & Snippet's of our show)

If you've missed the "Until & Harmony Live Re-Launch on the new station called Exclusive Information Network on October 17th. No worries we come on this coming Wednesday, October 24th on EIN Radio-Live 365 from 8pm to 10pm.

But if you're new to the Until & Harmony Live Radio Show then please visit the link above to hear our playful intro to our show and a snippet of our Reality Round up. Enjoy and leave comments, we welcome them. Please keep up with the Until & Harmony Live Blog you'll never know what will be posted. :)
Until & Harmony blessed to see the MLK Monument in D.C.

Until & Harmony Running 4 President!!!

Until & Harmony Live at the White House in D.C.

Until & Harmony at the Infamous Ben's Chili Bowl a Washington Landmark "We ate where the President ate"

Until enjoying a Simply Sinful Dessert Vanilla Bean Pound Cake Cupcake!

Ms. Harmony just wanted to look cute! :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Until & Harmony's Goodie Jar

The "Goodie Jar" (personally hand crafted by Ms. Harmony) is our jar filled with goodies with attached questions and you never know what you're going to get.

You don't want your hands to be caught dead in our Goodie Jar!!!
But if you do, it's going down, we will clown on your behalf as long as you're a good sport. If not, well, we'll still clown and have fun doing it. LOL.

Remember it's Until & Harmony Live = Doing It Our Way!

Until & Harmony Live #1 Radio Show is Back!!!


Then you need to listen to Until & Harmony Live. The #1 Radio Show on Exclusive Information Network.


U (Press Release) - October 10, 2012

That's right everybody! They are back controlling the airwaves and better than ever. Coming to you on their same day and time,Wednesday, October 17th of 2012 on from 8pm to 10pm; exclusively and you don't want to miss it!

You've known them since they first took the radio airwaves by storm in 2010 and it's been a sort of a bumpy road. Until & Harmony Live started out under the umbrella of the infamous Sunset & Gumbo Radio show on Urban Soul Radio but do to unexpected changes they had to begin again. Next up was Everybody Radio and just when they were about to get settled in... unexpected changes once more. Well, they say that three times is the charm and now they have landed back on their feet creating a new foundation at Exclusive Information Network.

So the question is: Will the show be the same? The answer is, yes. They are still passionate about their mission which is to share diamonds in the rough, pertinent information, uplift, inspire and just continue to be contagious in all ways positive, doing it their way. 

To check out videos, photographs and more of Until & HarmonLive please visit there website at and to check out their new radio home Exclusive Information Network please visit 

If you would like to be on the Until & Harmony Live Radio Show please find their contact information below. Meanwhile look forward to an exploding show with lots of heights to soar. Remember Until & HarmonLive for your entertainment. They will hear you there! :-)

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Two Little Mice (The beginning)

The boss went away
The mice came out to play

They decided to create
A radio show suggested by Devonte

Ladies Night Take Over
Then as they become older

They wanted to change
That's why they stamped
Their new show with their Names

Until & Harmony Live
Now the #1 Radio Show on EIN Radio
Therefore it was no surprise

That they are positively contagious
Beautifully outrageous
Stars in everyone's eyes

written by Until